AdoptAMature: There traditional meeting a woman's

The reference platform represents the ideal dating site to quickly and easily find a mature woman to your liking.

You register in just a few minutes by filling out our online form available on our home page and you're done! You just have to provide us:

  • your kind
  • your place of residence
  • your age
  • the age of the partner sought.

Registration for our interface is 100 % free. So what's stopping you from becoming a member and adopting a mature today?

Our goal: secure meetings

We have designed for all men who love older women, a completely secure interface so that they can get to know each other and share their fantasies in complete privacy.

Our platform is equipped with an SSL license guaranteeing the protection of your personal data and your total anonymity.

In addition, to allow you to converse with real singles looking for relationships, we have implemented several safety measures:

  • a recaptcha service blocking robots from the home page
  • a very active moderation service to flush out fake profiles
  • the ability to block a member or report it to our teams

Finally, we are at your disposal every day to answer all your questions.

A complete profile page

AdopteUneMature has developed a very complete profile page allowing you to be introduced and highlighted to other members. So, you start by adding a fairly recent photo of yourself. Then, you have a space to write a nice ad that makes you want to know more about you.


Finally, also offers you the possibility of recording a short presentation video. This functionality is completely innovative and unprecedented. You won't find it anywhere else.

Note that you can also watch the presentation videos of other members. This option makes virtual relationships from the start more lively and guarantees you to be in the presence of real people.    

So don't wait any longer to brighten up your daily life, by meeting wonderful women living in your region every day who dream of adventures, sensual relationships and more!

Rencontre Femme Cougar
Cougar Woman Dating
Rencontre femme divorcée
Dating a divorced woman
Rencontre femme riche
Dating rich woman
Rencontre femme agee
Dating older woman
Rencontre femme veuve
Dating a widowed woman
Rencontre femme vieille
Dating old woman
Rencontres & Célibataires Lesbiennes
Lesbian Dating & Singles
Rencontres en France
Dating in France
Rencontre femme 50
Dating woman 50
Rencontrez des gens de plus de 40 ans
Meet people over 40
Rencontre femme mature
Dating a mature woman
Rencontrer un homme célibataire
Meet a single man

A mature woman will bring you a thousand and one pleasures

Adopt a mature for magical moments

We know it more and more, to live in a relationship alongside an older woman is simply extraordinary. Indeed, from the age of 40, women:

  • know their bodies better and the pleasure they can give
  • know how to play their charms without complex
  • dress very sexy
  • have experience both emotionally, sexually and professionally
  • are Cartesian and enjoy every moment
  • are experts in love games and are ready to explore new erotic practices

So, don't wait any longer, to adopt a mature today on

Varied profiles, but always the same thirst for pleasure

As soon as you register, you will immediately be able to discover the many profiles of mature women available. And you will see that there is something for everyone, so that everyone can adopt a mature!

  • brunettes
  • redheads
  • blondes
  • small
  • big ones
  • thin
  • rounds

All the profiles and styles of women over 40 are on our platform. It's up to you to discover them and titillate their charms! And you can even choose their ethnicity.

So, are you ready to adopt a mature rather:

  • African?
  • European?
  • Asians?
  • latin?
  • Redhead?
  • Métis?

Mature women are waiting for erotic encounters


Women comfortable with their desires

The mature women present on AdopteUneMature have passed the age of childishness. They know what they want and express their desires without any taboos. You will also be pleasantly surprised since even before you send your first message, several of them will have already contacted you. And they will make you proposals that may initially make you blush.

Most are looking for purely carnal relationships, either for a night out or on a regular basis. But others are ready to commit to a more serious relationship with you.

What matters above all is the sincerity of the exchanges! 


Discovery possible thanks to powerful features

And to better discover them online and adopt a mature to your liking, AdopteUneMature provides you with very elaborate features:

  • online chat for immediate discussion
  • private messaging for more in-depth discovery
  • the Flirtcast to find the right words
  • the Like option to show your interest

You will see that online relationships are much less superficial than one would like to believe. It is even rather the opposite effect. We confide more easily behind our screen.

It's time to dive into a world of delight and adopt a mature by registering now!

Serious and diverse female encounters

By joining a dating site for serious women, you will quickly discover a multitude of diverse profiles. Depending on the type of single woman you are likely to fall for, you may find:

  • curvy girls
  • Busty girls
  • Muscular girls
  • thin girls

But also tall, small, medium, blondes, brunettes, redheads. Women with green eyes, or blue, brown or black.

But the diversity does not stop there! You can also chat with sublime single women:

  • From Africa
  • Caribbean
  • From Latin America
  • From Eastern Europe

Online dating portals open the doors to a wide variety of profiles of women of all ages and all ethnic and social origins.

It's up to you to select the criteria that seem relevant to you to meet your feminine ideal. You can even find those with tattoos and/or piercings if that's what appeals to you.

And also a very important criterion, dating sites have a geolocation system allowing you in just a few clicks to see single women in your area. This very practical feature will prevent you from hooking up with a girl living thousands of miles away from you.

love letter

AdopteUneMature, the favorite dating site for single women has the largest database of serious single women who are waiting to live a beautiful love story.

By becoming a member of our platform today, you will have immediate access to all the profiles of the women registered on our interface. Registration only takes a few minutes and is completely free. You just have to mention your age and your locality.

By becoming a member of Adopt A Mature, you join a secure and confidential 100 % platform. Our SSL license protects all your exchanges as well as your personal data. So you can do your research discreetly and chat with as many women as you want.

In addition, our moderation service checks each new registration in order to be able to offer you quality profiles of real single women. With us, you won't find any robots or hostesses to chat with you. All registered women are real and seek to build a life as a couple. It's up to you to find the one that will make your heart beat the most.

To facilitate your research, we have provided you with various search criteria:

  • age
  • The localisation
  • body type
  • Hair colour
  • eye color
  • Ethnic origin
  • With or without piercing
  • With or without tattoos

Since our creation, we are proud to have been able to contribute to the creation of thousands of couples who have been living together for many years now.

So, why don't you also force fate a little bit to meet great people today?

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Meet a serious woman with ease

mature woman

Do not put yourself a psychological barrier to meet a sublime single woman online. Today, dating sites are widely democratized and by joining AdopteUneMature, you will be pleasantly surprised by the richness of the different profiles present. You'll only wonder why you didn't take the plunge sooner.

In addition, we provide you with a whole range of communication features to contact the single women you like. You will be able to choose the way that best suits your personality to approach them:

  • The online chat
  • Private messaging
  • The flirtcast
  • The wink

The main thing is to awaken in the other the desire to know a little more about you and to continue the exchange. Over the messages, you will see that a complicity is being born as well as a sentimental attachment.

So, all you have to do is take the first step by registering and carefully filling out your profile. And go meet your loved one.

Luck sometimes depends on very few things:

  • Make a registration
  • Fill out a profile of our expectations
  • Launch into the unknown to discover what being hides behind such a beautiful photo

Let your intuition take over and try our dating site specializing in serious relationships with mature women today.