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Rare are the serious platforms that really allow you to meet cougars. For gentlemen who are looking for mature ladies, it's not always easy to find shoes that fit. For these gentlemen, meetings are only worth living if their partners are magnificent forties or fifties.

But where to meet the cougars who will make you roar with pleasure? The answer lies in one word: the internet. Forget the lame strategies to meet a cougar in bars or cafes. From now on, it is in the meanders of the world wide web that it is possible to meet these ladies with an overflowing libido.

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How to Meet a Cougar Woman

To meet a cougar, the easiest way is to try your luck on the internet. Think about it for a second… Busy enjoying life, ladies have little time for IRL dating. Very often, they are either obsessed with their activities, or they are on their way to their next appointments.

On the other hand, on the internet, a cougar will be more inclined to be tempted by romantic encounters. The moment you send her your suggestive emoticons, she won't say no to this seduction game. Better yet… She will go up a notch by offering you a physical meeting.

On the internet, the young lady is not afraid to be herself. She ignores the dictates of society and dares to meet men younger than her. Very far from her slightly too classic image, she laughs out loud and turns out to be a formidable seductress.

Be careful though… For this experienced young lady to deign to set her sights on you, you will have to take care of your image. Don't think she'll pay attention to a profile with no photo or biography. Yes… Meeting a cougar requires a minimum of effort. Especially since there is not one, but several types of cougars.

What are the different types of cougars?

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Any Internet user will tell you that not all ladies are alike. While some are more sexually liberated, others are great romantics in search of their prince charmings. To be sure to meet cougars and more if you like, it is essential to look a little more at their specificities.

The trendy cougar

Determined to stay in tune with the times, she neglects nothing to pamper her appearance. Passionate about sport and well-being, she enjoys going out with her friends and dancing in a nightclub. A true chameleon, she has become a master in the art of hiding her age.

Independent, she is never opposed to a surprise trip and appreciates unexpected events. Be careful though… Due to her fiery temperament, she needs a man with a strong character and who has the answer.

The libertine cougar

Married for too long, she needs to breathe new life into her sex life. Small clarification: she has no desire to leave her darling husband. She just wants to chain encounters without a future. Seductive at heart, she is not afraid to take the first step. Only, for this fiery lover, love has all its flavor when it takes the form of one-night stands.

The digital cougar

When she discovered the net, this mature woman thought she was in wonderland. Thanks to digital, she now has the opportunity to satisfy her fantasies without taking any risks. Married and faithful, she uses the web to satisfy her inclinations towards exhibitionism. She's the one you'll find in private chat rooms and erotic webcams.

The Thunderous Cougar

It's the very cliché of the young lady in need of sex. Excessively made up, perfumed more than necessary, she enjoys exploring the intricacies of sexuality. When she's attracted to a man, she's not afraid to let him know straight out. Both speech and gestures are used to convey the message.

Very often, she is not against sexual practices that are a little more daring. The moment you ask her to have group sex, she will say yes without hesitation.

The entrepreneurial cougar

Aged between 35 and 40, this young lady has just come out of a difficult marriage. For her, there is no question of linking her destiny again to that of another man. Currently, she wants to take full advantage of life before putting the noose around her neck again. However, she does not come out with her claws all the time.

Extremely feminine, she prefers to be picked up. Moreover, she has a pronounced taste for men who take the lead. If you're shy, you won't stand a chance with her.

AdopteUneMature – your cougar dating site

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Want to spend the rest of your life or your night in the arms of a beautiful cougar? To meet them, do not think 36 times. The easiest way is to create an account on a website. Warning: not on any platform. Of all those available on the web, one has managed to convince both singles and experts.

To cross paths with cougar women, go to On this portal, you will (finally) have the opportunity to start serious relationships with mature women.

Created in 2017, the portal very quickly managed to make a name for itself. At present, each month, 1,350,000 visitors rush there in the hope of meeting a cougar. They must abound on this service. On average, 40 % users are women between the ages of 55 and 64. For men who prefer a little more youthful mature, it is also possible to come across cougars of 35 or 40 years old.

With such statistics, it is not surprising that this platform has quickly become the benchmark for dating women. To say that the publishers have succeeded in their bet is an understatement.

Very sober, the website is characterized by an ergonomics that will appeal to the greatest number. Even beginners will have no trouble creating an account. After clicking the button, you will be prompted to create an account. Small precision: the registration is completely free whether you are a man or a cougar in search of fresh flesh.

Of course, the procedure is extremely simple and only takes a few minutes. An email address, a nickname, a password and you're done. In a few seconds, you are faced with an impressive catalog of alluring ladies.

Browse the inventory for cougar profiles you like. As soon as it's done, don't hesitate: send a message to show your interest. No matter your goal, a cougar encounter necessarily begins with a greeting.

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Tips for Dating Cougars

It takes more than a digital presence to meet gorgeous mature ladies. In recent years, these silver-haired wolves have grown in popularity. Inevitably, the applications are jostling at their doors.

To have a chance of seducing them, you will have to step out of your comfort zone. In general, the Casanovas agree on five points:

  • stay yourself: indeed, during her life, this young lady has already had to meet dozens, even hundreds of men. If you try to put on a mask, it will only take him a few seconds to notice. Do not play with fire at the risk of burning yourself;
  • make him discover new places: resist the temptation to take the beaten path. Instead, take her to discover unusual places. A restaurant nestled on rooftops… A café whose access is reserved for those with a password… A lodge hidden from the eyes of the world… Try as much as possible to surprise her;
  • have conversation: to annoy a cougar, nothing worse than running out of conversation topics. Demanding, she enjoys having a good time with the person who shares her meal;
  • get carried away by events: do not plan every minute of your appointment. From time to time, let yourself be carried away by the surprise and the unexpected. Who knows what you will discover along these alleys?
  • enjoy every moment: a cougar has already rolled her bump. Today, she aspires to savor life rather than dissect every minute of it. Have the same mindset if you want to curry favor with him.

Once registered on, it will be easy for you to have access to an impressive catalog of single ladies. Thereafter, applying these few tips should ensure a majestic entrance into their hearts. After that, it will be up to you. Nevertheless, all the lights will be green so that your meeting leads to a great story.

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